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By phone, video call, or in person.

To experience a session in person with Onye it is easiest to connect with him in Santa Rosa, California USA; Brig, Switzerland; Munich, Germany; Vienna, Austria and at special spiritual and consciousness events. 

Spiritual Readings & Revelations

Get the Most out of Life

Onye’s prophetic insights and anointed healing gifts make him a dynamic counselor. During spiritual readings he is guided to offer profound and accurate revelations.

Onye does not predict the future, but rather reveals the truth based on the visions he receives about your current and past lives and others who affect you. 

The result of a session with Onye often is new understanding and clarity about what has happened in your life, and direction for your next steps.

Divine Healing Experience

Guidance & Inspiration

"I do not heal but only God can! She heals in Her infinite love, and permits Divine helpers to assist in all healing revelations. I am merely a channel who serves and humbly surrenders to Divine guidance and providence."

- Onye Onyemaechi

Divine healing treatments assist individuals with a myriad of illnesses related to the body, mind, emotional state, and spirit.

Onye is in demand worldwide for his profound capacity to receive revelations that bring breakthroughs and healing. His anointed spiritual gifts and prayers have brought about faith renewal and real results to his many clients.

He is able to perceive the imprint of past thoughts, trauma, emotions, decisions and relationships hindering an individual’s soul memory.  He serves as a channel of Divine energy and love, universal spiritual values, and wisdom. Prayer and Divine Healing sessions with Onye lead to healing and self-knowledge.

Divine Healing Treatments can help with:

  • Physical and Emotional Trauma

  • Migraines

  • Painful Memories

  • Destructive Belief Systems

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Cancer

  • Grief

Body Healing

Due to the fast pace of our technology based society and stress of daily life, many people suffer from emotional pain and disconnection within their spirit.  Depression, anxiety, and dysfunctional thought patterns often lead people to feel distressed and overwhelmed. Over time the human body begins to show  negative signs from a multitude of  compounded stressors: work demands, family issues, financial concerns, and relationship challenges are some examples.  Through emotional release sessions clients can experience deep healing and restoration of their overall well-being. Onye uses intuition, drumming, and chanting and his unique healing abilities to remove old memories of unforgiveness, pains and hurts that imprint on specific points on the body.

Onye accepts referrals from Clients, Physicians, Health Professionals and Therapists.

Spiritual Counseling

Guidance & Inspiration

A counseling session with Onye is designed to empower individuals who desire to deeply explore areas affecting life challenges. These aspects may include relationships, marital crises, addictions, childhood memories, health issues, stress management, emotional trauma, and more.

During the session he draws wisdom and guidance from the Spirit to help facilitate and foster personal growth, provide profound clarity,  and spiritual insights. Onye’s prayers are credited with accessing miracles to heal the deepest hurts, grief, and anguish through Grace.

Dying, Loss and Grief

Guidance & Inspiration

Death is an integral aspect of life. Grief includes pain, hurt, anguish, or even some joy that accompanies a solemn loss. Everyone grieves differently depending on the person or the situation: children, youths, and adults. Sometimes the death of a loved one, or even our pets, leaves us with regrets and disappointments. And in the midst of mixed emotions, we can experience a soothing consolation and a sense of calmness with Grace.

The insights received through the guidance of the Spirit can empower each person’s spiritual journey and can comfort their heart during a time of grief and loss. In indigenous cultures we embrace grief and use it to find meaning and purpose.

The grief healing session for individuals, families or groups, allows clients to remember and to celebrate past, fun‐filled memories of their loved ones in each person’s unique personal ways. The goal is to encourage reconciliation, re-connection, and healing. Discover a deep desire to surrender and accept the Will of God unconditionally through faith and humility.

Energy Clearing and Blessing

Get the Most out of Life

Energy clearing and blessing is an ancient sacred practice that enhances physical space by healing emotional and spiritual congestion (negative patterns, blockages, destructive influences) that disrupts our lives. This practice requires considerable time and energy from Onye.

Traditional societies are attuned to the deep connection between people and their natural environments. Just as thoughts, emotions and actions leave an imprint on the soul, there is also a residue left on your physical sphere. Sometimes these past events can be so negative they undermine your health, finances, and relationships. Energy clearing cleans out these dark and destructive forces, balances the energy, and allows free-flowing energy to support your well being, abundance, and success.

Business and Work Places

Energy clearing creates a peaceful, friendly, and cohesive workplace where people feel appreciated, empowered, motivated, and creative, thus bringing more joy and harmony into the workplace. Consequently, cooperation, teamwork and collaboration are supported. A workplace energy clearing will improve productivity, increases profits, and promote healthier employee-management relationships.

Onye’s energy clearing can help business owners acquire real estate, land and commercial building deals especially when office buildings are haunted or located on a sacred ground.


In similar fashion, a home energy cleanse will purify your home environment and will invite success and happiness. In addition, Onye can help home owners sell and buy a new home or commercial properties. 

Spirit Possession Removal

Guidance & Inspiration

Negative influences by unknown entities can affect your mood, life, relationships and success. At times, one or more sessions are needed to clear disruptions depending on the situation or circumstances.

Also, Onye can clear houses, lands and buildings from heavy duty bad energies. See Energy Clearing and Blessing, above.


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