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Are We Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience?

This week’s show is dedicated to all the people that are wondering what is going on in the World, why are so many people sick? How can we slowdown in such a fast paced society? What do the spiritual folk have to say about health and healing? Listen in as I speak to a very fascinating individual. Being human may not be so difficult after all and that my dear friends is No Blarney! :) Have Fun Being Human :) Dermot ☘


Onye's Favorites

In the following videos, Onye talks about his favorites: God, Love, Healing and more. Please let go of any preconceptions you may have, and let Onye share his perspective and experience with you.

Too, you'll find a short video of outtakes in which Onye is laughing a lot. His joyous levity is a lovely addition to his seriousness, passion and depth.


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