Scheduling & Fees

• Spiritual Readings, Revelations & Healings are conducted by phone, Skype Video Conferencing or in person, normally for 90 minutes.

• Body Healing Sessions (Clearing emotional and traumatic past imprints on the body) 60 minutes.

• Your complete investment for your personalized, transformative healing experience will be discussed after your first session.

• Your experience with Onye will give you profound clarity and insights before you decide to invest in more sessions to remove obstacles affecting your life.

• Services such as Spirit Possession Removal, Energy Clearing & Blessings for Homes, Offices and Situations through Ceremonies and Celebrations can be customized for you.

  • About Spiritual Consulting

Spiritual consulting provides you with truth, wisdom and strength to fight against what’s not working in your life. It offers insights into life’s trials, relationships, career, success, spiritual growth, health and living with more joy.

The depth of problems we face daily seems overwhelming. Now, invest in your life and have a remarkable future!

  • Your Sessions will Include:

• Email correspondence in-between sessions.

• All sessions are 100% guaranteed confidential.

• All sessions are devoted to issues concerning your deepest needs and requests, including unconscious ones.

• Onye starts his healing prayers before the session commences. Even when the sessions ends, sometimes he can receive further revelations on your behalf.

  • Schedule a Complimentary Conversation with Onye

Schedule a 15 minute complimentary discussion concerning your plight, needs and/or personal goals. 

We can converse about what is valuable and meaningful to you, then decide how to work together and achieve your goals. There will be no sales pitch whatsoever!

“Sow your seeds wisely, rejoice abundantly and indefinitely!” 

  – Onye Onyemaechi 

Payment is expected prior to the provision of services. PayPal / credit card links are provided for client

convenience. Cashier’s checks and cash also are accepted. 

(Pay any amount link) (Venmo available)

*Cancellation requires 24 hour notice to not forfeit session fee.

There is additional charge for travel and expenses when appropriate.

Client agrees not to use any information provided to harm or defame others. Client understands that

consultation and other services described on this site do not replace those of licensed medical doctors,

therapists, and other professions.


One 90 Minute Spiritual Reading $250


One 60 Minute Body Healing Session $175

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Follow-up to Previous Reading


Pay Any Amount to Onye


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