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Onye Onyemaechi, who has an MBA from Boston College, has a foot in both worlds: the physical plane and the abode of Spirit. 


He is a successful recording artist, renowned master African percussionist, and performer, producer, composer and inspirational speaker. He is also a visionary Christian Mystic, Healer, and Seer, who has a profound capacity to receive revelations and intercede with the Holy Spirit on behalf of those who come to him seeking healing and spiritual guidance.  


He often experiences prayer and vision sessions that last through the night into the next morning. Because of the intensity he brings to his work, many miracles have occurred for his clients. And with them, often comes a deepening or renewal of an individual’s faith.  


Onye does not predict the future. He does, however, reveal the truth about the situation in question, based on the visions he receives about his client’s current and past lives, and information about significant others who have an effect on the client. 


Onye came by his gifts early in life. He is a natural born  healer and so he learned at a young age how to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being of others. Onye often integrates the therapeutic power of drumming to dispel destructive thoughts, attitudes and belief systems in his spiritual practice. He is a channel of divine energy who integrates universal spiritual values and wisdom to help others.

As he matured and practiced his innate gift for healing, be it expressed through spiritual counseling, hands-on healing, or the arts, he came to attract an international following. He typically spends part of his year in the US, and part abroad. He is frequently called upon to advise businesses, medical and legal professionals and individuals everywhere in societies.

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