Onye Onyemaechi is world-renowned for his profound spiritual readings and revelations, and as a spiritual healer, advisor, teacher, author and master drummer. He has inherited deep knowledge in natural healing and has received the anointing of the Holy Spirit to heal, counsel and prophesy.

In the African Judeo-Christian traditions, the young Onye experienced severe spiritual discipline in sacred rites of passages and initiations. He especially valued the time spent with his mother, and his grandmother, who was a respected “wise woman” and healer, as well as his granduncle, the village craftsman. Over time he has blended his unique life experiences and abilities to transform the lives of those he encounters. 

He discovered early on that his passion and life goal is to minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical well being of others. Onye combines both his traditional understandings of health and wellness with nontraditional approaches that connect with the Divine through prayer. 

Onye is divinely directed to transmit what is needed to bring healing, growth, support and inspiration to various circumstances. He is frequently called upon to advise businesses, religious leaders, medical and legal professionals, and individuals throughout the world.

Onye frequently adds the therapeutic power of music to dispel destructive thoughts, attitudes and beliefs into positive patterns that help unite the mind and body. 

Additionally, as a mentor, speaker, and writer, he seeks to inform others about the power of the Divine. Onye has organized and led pilgrimages, individual and group transformation sessions, and often travels internationally to provide healing services and Divine guidance.

You can find Onye's powerful and inspirational music here.


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