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You can receive the full benefit of Onye’s spiritual gifts in person,
online or by phone worldwide.

Social Distancing safety protocols are in place
for indoor and outdoor sessions.

Spiritual Revelations, Counseling and Divine Healing
Intuitive Insights for Businesses and Professionals
Energy Clearing for Home and Business

What Makes Onye Unique?

Onye uses prayers and the drum to affect personal and societal healing and teaches how to use the drum for health, healing, ceremony, and bringing joy in communities. As gifted and anointed in the spirit, he is loving and approachable.

 In fact, Onye’s clients will tell you story after story about how their bodies, relationships, or careers were transformed after seeking Onye’s help. That’s because Onye has a well-established connection straight to the source of miracles: The Holy Spirit. He has helped working people and CEOs, actors and athletes, families and fiancés of all kinds.

Onye gave me healing, guidance, and spiritual grounding. CS

My experience with Onye was filled with wonder.… I felt this way with both Onye’s bodywork and his spiritual readings. Tammy Sloan Smith

Spiritual Counseling

Each session is necessarily unique. All clients who are open to a deeper understanding and purpose come away from the session with more clarity about what has happened in their life and what their next best step is.

During the session, Onye shares wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. The information is meant to help foster personal growth, and provide profound clarity and insights. Through the balm of Grace, such counsel can relieve the deepest hurts, profound grief, and/or emotional or spiritual anguish.

Spiritual consulting provides you with truth, wisdom and strength to fight against what’s not working in your life. It offers insights into life’s trials, relationships, career, success, spiritual growth, health and living with more joy. The depth of problems we face daily seems overwhelming. Now, invest in your life and have a remarkable future! 

I walked in for my appointment with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked away releasing the toxic energy that had been weighing me down for several years. Onye provided me with healing, guidance, and Spiritual grounding. C. Schemmel


Healing Sessions

During healing sessions, Onye can perceive imprints in the body that past thoughts, trauma and emotions have left on an individual’s soul memory. He works on specific points on the body to help release and eradicate deep rooted energy blockages for wellness and spiritual renewal.

Thank you and God for your healing!! Your gifts are truly amazing.
You have forever changed my life.
Christine Alan

Your Sessions will Include:

• Email correspondence in-between sessions.

• All sessions are 100% guaranteed confidential.

• All sessions are devoted to issues concerning your deepest needs and requests, including unconscious ones.

• Onye starts his healing prayers before the session commences. Even when the sessions ends, sometimes he can receive further revelations on your behalf.


Standard Sessions you can schedule online:
• 60 minute session where Onye answers simple, practical questions $225

• 90 minute in-depth session $325

Go to the "Book Online" page to pay and schedule a session or group of sessions.


“Sow your seeds wisely, rejoice abundantly and indefinitely!” 

  Onye Onyemaechi 

Payment is expected prior to the provision of services. PayPal / credit card links are provided for client convenience on the "Book Online" page. Cashier’s checks, cash, Venmo also are accepted. Contact Onye directly with any payment process questions.


*Cancellation requires 24 hour notice to not forfeit session fee.

There is additional charge for travel and expenses when appropriate.


Client agrees not to use any information provided to harm or defame others. Client understands that consultation and other services described on this site do not replace those of licensed medical doctors, therapists, and other professions.

What Happens During the Session?

During the session, clients may experience feelings that are trying to complete their energetic cycle. This may create temporary tingling, unusual body sensations, or feelings of relief. Once the movement of energy completes itself, as a result of the session, clients often experience a deep sense of quiet, contentedness, and a more profound sense of spiritual connection. Some feel joy, and some laugh with delight, sensing that balance has been restored, and they can once again feel “at home” in their souls and bodies. Some people experience profound healing of obstinate physical maladies through the power of Spirit. Sometimes loved ones who have passed away communicate through Onye and provide healing love and information.

I have a clearer understanding of my life and who I am. Truly the love of God and the power of God has make these major changes in my life in just one month’s time. I came away from your reading with peace and strength and the feeling that I can accomplish anything I endure. God bless your soul for allowing me the chance to communicate with beloved wise old grandmother. Donna Powell 

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What Happens After a Session?

Clients may experience everything from subtle to intense reactions, sadness or ultimate joy. These disturbances can give rise to quick-flash emotional flare-ups, over reactions, extreme sensitivity, or crying which may be appropriate response to the current situation. Once the energy is helped to come to completion however, these symptoms of stuck energy disappear, and individuals find it easier to respond to Life rather than react in a way colored by past experience. 

  • Have no expectations. Practice being here now.

  • Pay attention to changes in your consciousness.

  • Re-enter into the world very quietly.

  • Be in nature or peaceful environment. 

  • Eat light foods and celebrate. 

  • Avoid phone calls, TV, News, Social media for 2 hours minimum. 

  • Drink lots of water or take baths.

  • Try and relax for some hours, if possible.

  • Spend time with positive people. 

Real Estate and Commercial Acquisition


People come to Onye for help when they have exhausted all possible ways to sell or purchase homes, especially in acquiring land and commercial property. Onye’s Energy Clearing services can help business and homeowners acquire or sell real estate, land, and commercial buildings and employee engagements. He can also help clear stagnant energy from previous tenants or activities that cause business stagnation. He knows the specific rituals and spiritual powers needed to create breakthroughs and bring about ultimate success.


No one would come to view my house and land for weeks. After your ceremony and blessing I received a good offer and sold quickly! C.W.




Intuitive Business Consulting

Now you can save your organization years of struggle by being aware of your obstacles, pitfalls and potentials in advance. This valuable information will put you light years ahead of your competition.

Onye Onyemaechi, MBA, reaches into the infinite well of intuitive wisdom to give you guidance on such subjects as: negotiations, new products and services, mergers, acquisitions and partnerships, competition, market trends, contracts, personnel problems, locations and building sites.

Spiritual Emergency

Onye offers comfort and perspective to individuals experiencing sudden life challenges, such as losing a loved one, friend or missing person, sudden breakups, separations, divorces and spiritual attacks and crises.

Workshops, Class Series or Groups and Special events.

Onye can create custom events for you, centered on the following topics:

- Miracles of Prayer, Meditation and Healing. 

- Development of Extra-Sensory Perception. 

- Healing and Empowerment with Drumming. 

Animal Communication and Healing.

Onye can telepathically communicate with pets and domesticated animals to help them heal physically and emotionally, letting their humans know their issues and resolve problems. 


I want to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the healing you did for Eko. Although Eko is a dog to most, he is like another member of our family. Before Eko's healing he was in an extreme amount of pain, he wasn't eating, he was not active, and he didn't even chase the neighbor’s cat. 


Your healing hands and working with Eko that very night was absolutely amazing. The very next day Eko was chasing the neighbor’s cat and he was even able to jump into the car.  Christine and Brian Hasek, Petaluma, CA





Listen to these amazing short interviews where Onye discusses how it works!

Download PDF of animal communication details: 

Services such as Energy Clearing & Blessings for Homes and Businesses, Intuitive Business Consulting and Ceremonies and Celebrations can be customized for you and will be priced based on time and travel.


If you are a professional, influencer, business person and decision maker, Reiki practitioner, or psychotherapist and sense your client needs a profound insight and energy healing, consider referring your client to Onye.

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  • Spiritual Revelations, Counseling and Personal Healing: Individual, Couples, Families and Group Sessions

  • House and Business Energy Clearing 

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