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Spiritual Revelations, Counseling,
Healing & Growth with
Onye Onyemaechi

Truth | Love | Strength

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Healing Blessings


Do you face overwhelming challenges?

Are you profoundly wounded?

Do you long for a better relationship?

Are you grieving?

Feeling "stuck" in career or business?

Do you yearn to be free of old habits and outside forces that limit you?

Do you want to grow?


There is more to your life than meets the eye:

Your life emerges from and is supported by the Holy Spirit.

He/She is the source of all growth and healing.

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Powerful Support

Onye Onyemaechi has been called a gifted psychic healer, medium, prophet, shaman, clairvoyant, and intuitive.


These words are true, but do not do him justice.


Onye is deeply grounded in the Truth of the Holy Spirit, which he serves with all of his heart and mind and soul and strength.


Divine Love empowers Onye, gives him immense strength, and works through him to support and bless you.


As an instrument of the Holy Spirit, Onye works powerfully and precisely to clear obstacles, for the healing of your wounds through the grace of the Creator, and to build the foundation for your better future.

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How Onye Helps You

Onye can help you via long-distance phone, video call, or in person.

Onye’s offerings include:

Profound spiritual revelations and counseling about your present and prior lives, with insights into others who affect you​.

Grief support.

Powerful prayer.

Energy and obstacle clearing for homes, offices and situations.

Healing, both long distance and hand-on in person

More info on Onye's services

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"I will support you through the hard times, and rejoice with you in the good times."

Onye Onyemaechi

Miracles Happen

What Clients Say

 I left with a deep sense of peace flowing through my soul. The next day my aches and pains had faded away. I was able to change my routine and focus on a project I’d been unable to start and I felt happier than I’d been in a long time.

My experience with Onye was miraculous.  I had experienced other “healings” in my life, but nothing like the healing that occurred. I believe my sister was saved as a result of Onye’s intervention.


My family continues to be healed of generations of physical, spiritual, and emotional problems. Issues that have plagued me for many years just seemed to melt away and a joy and peace have replaced those issues. My energy is clearer and I am able to see the dynamics in my life more clearly.


Onye’s work is different from any other healing I’ve ever experienced.

My session with Onye was among the most powerful I have ever had. Through the use of gentle touch and movement of energy a healing process was started. He gave me a ceremony to perform by myself (with him praying for me at the time from CA) which totally eliminated an on-going problem that I had been having. He takes no credit for his work but says it’s the Holy Spirit working through him.

I made my appointment with Onye not knowing what to expect, however I knew that it couldn’t be as horrible as I had been feeling. I walked in for my appointment with the weight of the world on my shoulders and walked away releasing the toxic energy that had been weighing me down for several years. Onye provided me with healing, guidance, and Spiritual grounding. My questions answered and tools to continue with my life.
C. Schemmel

Spirit was streaming through Onye's hands and the drum he was playing came alive with divine power. Every cell in my body was called to awaken and I could feel the beat of every blade of grass. This, I thought, is what it feels like to be truly alive.

After the clinic told me I didn’t have enough eggs to donate, Onye's prayer intercession resulted in plenty of eggs and twins for the birth mother!

My experience with Onye was filled with wonder.  I felt a very deep sense of calmness and oneness with my surroundings.  I was able to separate from the fast pace of life and to look at everything around me with a sense of connection.  Colors were more vibrant and it felt as if I was a part of a very intense love. With the calmness and love I felt from Onye’s work I was able to go about my work with a sense of love and connectedness.  I had more patience with everyday situations that would normally upset me.
Tammy Sloan Smith


How Do We Meet?

I connect with most clients via long-distance phone or video anywhere in the world. We can meet in person in northern California or during my trips to Europe and around the USA. In my experience, remote or distance healing and support is just as effective as face to face or hands on connection.

What Are Your Fees?

My fees vary with the nature of the service, the amount of my time required, and the impact on me. For some services, the only time I spend is during our session, and the impact on me is small. Some services require hours of powerful and intricate work in the subtle realms, after which I need time to reintegrate into daily life. I take all of these factors into account when I set fees. See the "Services" page.

Do You Work With Couples or Groups?

I often work with couples, and offer workshops for groups of all sizes. Please contact me for more information about my workshops, or go to my Village Rhythms website.

How Can I Prepare for My Session?

Do your best to stay centered through meditation and prayer, with emphasis on discerning the deeper meaning and what will provide fulfillment in your life. You are encouraged to leave your stomach empty an hour before your session.

Why Do I Need Spiritual Help?

Everyone seeks spiritual help for different reasons. We live in a sophisticated world of imperfection, hoping to get solutions for personal and global conflicts that can bring us peace of mind.

Get in Touch


Thank you for contacting Onye.

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